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Partners presentation - Dolphin Integration


Created in 1985 (180 employees), Dolphin Integration is specialised in the development and sales of virtual components for System on Chip. Since April 2004, the company has adopted a collegial direction based on the three founders: Michel DEPEYROT, Jean François POLLET, Louis ZANGARA. The headquarters is in Meylan, France (where the main part of the development is done), completed by two subsidiaries, one in Duisburg (Germany) with a team specialised in MEMS and one in Montreal (Quebec) with a team specialised in embedded Power Management.

Dolphin group is organised around 3 activities:

  • IPs (Analog-Logic Converters, memories, microcontrollers, standard cell libraries). These IPs are developed in technologies going from 0.35um to 40nm. This activity represents around 60% of Dolphin's turnover.
  • Design services: Dolphin Integration is specialised in the design of mixed signal systems on chip and component for multi-foundries. In this area, our main know-how lies in the field of technological migration, SoC integration, mixed signal design, layout (analog, logic and mixed), simulation... This activity represents around 30% of Dolphin's turnover.
  • EDA development: Dolphin Integration provides a set of EDA solutions dedicated to design, validation and modelisation of mixed signal circuits. The main EDA solution is a mixed signal simulator called "SMASH". This activity represents around 10% of Dolphin's turnover.