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Partners presentation - SELEX Galileo

SELEX Galileo

Company profile

SELEX Galileo is among the top international players in mission electronics, avionics, electro-optics, UAVs, training and simulation activities.

Within the Finmeccanica group, SELEX Galileo and SELEX S&AS Ltd form SELEX GALILEO, Europe's second largest player specialized in surveillance, protection, tracking, navigation & control and imaging systems.

SELEX Galileo focuses on the design, development and production of avionics and electro-optical equipment, airborne radar and precision approach radars, UAVs and Simulators, space equipment for platform and payloads.

In addition to the design and integration of open architecture, highly modular avionic equipment for mission and navigation, SELEX Galileo has developed the ATOS airborne mission management system for Maritime Patrol, recently adopted also by the Australian Coastwatch. The highly flexible ATOS system can be easily installed or removed from fixed or rotary wing platforms.

As the centre of excellence for infrared technologies, SELEX Galileo offers complete thermal imaging solutions and the EOST systems, a variety of electro-optic surveillance sensors. Other products include airborne sonics as prime contractor on the Italian NH-90.

SELEX Galileo fully masters all aspects of airborne radar including over 450 fire control radars of the Grifo family sold world-wide, Precision Approach Radars successfully sold to eight countries.

Additionally SELEX Galileo is a leader in high subsonic tactical and training drones and one of the largest manufactures of surveillance and reconnaissance UAVs including the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle FALCO Surveillance System, sold to an international customer, and the Nibbio Reconnaissance UAV. The Mirach 100/5 target drone is operated in Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom while NATO Missile Firing Installation (NAMFI) in SELEX Galileo operates its own drones on the NATO Missile Firing Installation (NAMFI) in Crete.

A key asset of Finmeccanica Defence Electronics business, SELEX Galileo is highly engaged to support the corporate expansion strategy in the fast growing international defence electronics and security market, qualifying as a worldwide provider of integrated solution and capabilities, offering a comprehensive through life capability management.

SELEX Galileo is pursuing its own growth, by exploiting all opportunities offered by the open market where it can enjoy a significant track record. Beside the domestic and European markets, SELEX Galileo is focusing a great deal of its marketing effort in the Asian and East Europe emerging markets.

In these drives, Finmeccanica worldwide presence provides further opportunities to step into the main international and transatlantic cooperative programmes.

With its cutting-edge technologies, SELEX Galileo participates in the key international programmes: EH101, Eurofighter, NH90, AGS/NATO, Tornado.


For SELEX Galileo, the activities relevant to the SoC project will be carried out at the Radar and Advanced Targeting LoB, Milan plant, where the developed System on Chip will be assessed and validated for application on an InfraRed Search and Track system.

The aim is to integrate the greater possible number of functions related to IRST into a System On Chip Platform, considering the future requirements for these kind of systems.

This would allow GA to satisfy Customers' needs by means of an advanced sensor with state-of-the-art processing electronics, thus gaining in terms of competitiveness.