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Partners presentation - THALES Communications and Security

THALES Communications and Security

Company profile

Thales Communications and Security belongs to the Thales Defence Business Area, one of the four "Business Areas" of Thales. and thus is part of Thales Land & Joint Systems organised in Strategic Business Lines (SBLs) : Land Systems (Land systems prime contractor ship, Co-operative land systems, Vehicle & Soldier, systems, Armament), Joint Systems (Joint Systems prime contractor-ship, Infrastructure Space Security, C2 & ISR systems), Communication & Optronics Equipments (3 SBLs : Defence optronics, Tactical communications, Air & Naval Communication Navigation Identification) and High Tech Optics and Services.

Thales is a world-wide champion leader in electronics and systems , leveraging dual use technology to serve three correlated fields - defence, aerospace and security - . Thales believes that technology is a critical part of the answer to a critical part of the answer to these challenges. The Group employs 68,000 people in nearly 50 countries worldwide, and generated revenues of €12.9 billion in 2007
Thales is a system architect with all critical capabilities needed for the network- enabled context of the 21st century and a leading position in C4ISR. In addition, Thales offers world-wide aviation safety applications for avionics equipments, air traffic management, simulation and training. Thales is an innovative global specialist in security solutions for government, businesses and consumer B2B , such as for electronic payments and high-value transactions in the financial services and government markets.
In these domains a high potential for innovation and technological excellence is requested required; more than 18 % of our revenues are devoted to R&D with dedicated people and organisation. Thales is involved in more than 30 countries for an international development and through local partnership with research institutes. Since 2002 several international laboratories have been launched such as: EURONETLAB on IP architecture, networking and security with Paris VI, Thales technology Centre with the university of Singapore, etc...

In the communication area, Thales is involved in different highly skilled businesses, for as example: In protecting In the field of the information flow protection of information through wireless and traditional networks, Thales has developed a full range of solutions that build on the company's core competencies in of cryptography and tamper resistant hardware.

The company combines more than 20 years expertise in management, services, integration and technology innovation to deliver the world's premiere specialised network and payment security solutions. Thales provides high- grade security solutions for both the public and private sector. From tamper-resistant systems, through soft-loadable algorithms and encryption devices using the strongest cryptography, Thales has a complete portfolio of network security products . providing that provide Host Security Modules to over 80% of the banks around the world.

Thales Communications and Security is a multi-domestic, sizing 1.1 billion Euros for a 7000 people staff. It is structurally open to partnership and co-operations, which already consists of 17 companies in 11 countries. Among those, Thales Communications France is participant in the present project.

Thales Communications and Security market share ranks number one in Europe and number three world-wide in Defence communications. One of Company's major asset being its top-ranking technical and technological capital, sustained by its high level investments in R&D (more than 400 million Euros) and strong synergy between military and civilian technology.

Thales Communications and Security and Thales Optronics the 2 main actors from the BGLJ, are organised in Technical Business Units (TBUs), with expertise and skills in core techniques and technologies such as:

  • Radio-frequency Technologies, Optronics Technologies
  • Embedded Digital Systems including Signal processing and Multimedia, Software Waveform Architecture, Digital Hardware, System on Chip, Integrated Circuits and EDA Tools
  • Software, Architecture and Tools
  • System Engineering, Advanced Software architecture and applications (Ipv6, security,...), System simulations


Thales Communications and Security is involved in the design and development embedded system which has strong requirements in term of SAWP constraints: Autonomy, weight and form factor are key for a majority of pour development. The trends in COTS does not provide adequate solution to fulfil all the requirements due to the customisation of the ASSP or standard components to a class of application with strong constraints in term of time to market and unit price (large volume). Security are also a subject of interest for TCF as many of our communication system rely on cryptographic devices to protect the content and the communication.

Furthermore, Most of the digital components are US based and their access is not guaranteed for non US company.

Thanks to this project, TCF expect an European solution providing integration capabilities allowing us to develop our business and fulfil the customer requirements.