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Partners presentation - THALES Italia SpA


Founded in 1946, as Telettra, Thales Italia S.p.A. – Land & Joint Systems Division (from now on also indicated as TIT) is a company of the Thales Group, which operates in national and international markets in the field of defense and security forces systems.

TIT turnover in 2008 has been around 21 M€ with 110 people. Operations and Technical Departments are located in Chieti Scalo (Chieti); Commercial and Marketing Departments are located in Rome.

TIT operates in several business areas, such as Strategic Communications Systems, Tactical Communications Systems and Electronic Defence Systems

In these areas TIT designs and produces radio equipment in the HF/VHF/UHF/SHF bands and integrates them into communications systems for various applications. In Electronic Defence Systems, a major business activity is related to Wide Band interception and jamming systems in HF band.

TIT has expertise and skills in core techniques and technologies such as:

  • RF and millimetric circuits: radio receivers and emitters in several frequency bands from HF to millimetric band (40 GHz);
  • Digital signal processing: applied to data demodulation and channel equalization, spread spectrum and signal analysis;
  • Real time SW;
  • Field Programmable Gate Arrays.


TIT is involved, trough several study programs developed also in international cooperation, in many research areas such as:

  • Wireless LAN for military applications, to support robust multimedia services among vehicles while on the move;
  • Future soldier radio technology for communications and localizations purposes at squad level;
  • Ultra Wide Band technology for soldier applications;
  • Tactical Internet in very mobile environment (Command Post at Brigade level and below).

Thanks to this project, TIT expects a solution providing integration capabilities in applications requiring high integration levels and low power dissipation, specifically for hand-held radio terminals to be used in Defence and Security market.