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Partners presentation - Menta sas


Company profile

Menta is a new start-up company based in Montpellier in the south of France that specializes in reconfigurable and programmable IP. Menta design highly efficient embedded-FPGA technology for SoC, ASIC or SiP design and software that is required for this IP. The Menta’s embedded FPGA technology is highly customisable so a domain specific-FPGA (dsFPGA) can be used in SoC which provides extensive features for the target applications giving enormous benefits in terms of area, power consumption and speed. Targeted applications include multimedia, telecommunication, security…


Thank to the evolution of the SoC market, reconfigurable structure now become a reality. The interest of such structure growing rapidly and will become, in the future, the solution for a lot of problems. The participation of the Menta company in this project will be the opportunity to take part in a leading European program to create SoC of the future for defence application. This project will be an opportunity to continue its internal R&D program, develop specific knowledge on military specificities and will open new market for the embedded-FPGA (eFPGA).